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Owning a home is about more than making ends meet.

Help people on their journey to home ownership.

Sustainable, connected and prosperous communities.

A socially responsible way to achieve ROI.


We have a vision to help more Australians get into their own home, sooner. To make this happen, we’re working with builders, banks, finance institutions and not-for-profit organisations to offer affordable homes. And we’re giving socially responsible investors the opportunity to join us on this journey.

BuyAssist has created a framework that gives investors access to a centralised system that enables them to immediately support home buyers. The system includes standardised contracts and mortgage agreements, banking referral networks, IT system, access to builders’ stock and ongoing management.

The platform is a cost-effective way to ensure investors meet the necessary regulatory requirements, including privacy and the provision of credit and financial products.

Who is BuyAssist?

BuyAssist was established to support lower and medium income earners, and others, get into their own home sooner. We offer eligible home buyers the opportunity to own a home at a reduced upfront and ongoing cost.

This means home buyers borrow less from a bank, become full home owners, but share an agreed percentage of the future value of the property when it is sold or refinanced.

What am I investing in?

Typically an investment will be a pool of residential properties that are designed for home buyers with lower to medium incomes. The investment will be an agreed percentage of the future value of the property.

Who am I helping?

BuyAssist is designed to help everyday Australians get into their own home, sooner. Whilst each Investor may target different groups this may be people who:

  • Work in sectors such as transport, retail and trades
  • Work in essential services such as police, fire, ambulance and health
  • Have specific needs, including people who live with a disability
  • Provide social services and community benefits, such as caring for and supporting the aged, individuals with disabilities, or children and youth.
  • Earn a certain level of income.

Who decides who is eligible and who isn’t?

  1. Eligibility is assessed by BuyAssist against agreed requirements;
  2. Each investor can agree targets for their Missions e.g. Keyworkers, locations, people from social and affordable housing.

How is the investment secured?

The agreement between the Homeowner and the investor, the Home Ownership Participation Agreement (HOPA), is a legally binding document.

A second mortgage will be registered against the property. The homeowner and the bank will have full knowledge of the second mortgage, with the bank providing funding for up to 75 per cent of the value of the home.

What returns can I expect on my investment?

Returns are based on movements — up or down — in the individual prices of the residential properties funded by BuyAssist. The investment is in potential capital gains from the residential property.

Returns are available for distribution when a BuyAssist property is sold.

What are the risks?

The risk is similar to investing in other residential property investment. The future value of the investment will be influenced by movements in the residential market. With investment in a portfolio of properties the risk may be spread across multiple properties and potentially multiple geographic areas. The investment is not liquid and returns are generated only on the sale of properties in the future. There are controls in place to ensure all sales are at market rates.

Can I only invest cash in the program?

There are two ways investors may participate.

  1. They may contribute cash to support the purchase of a property by and eligible home buyer; and or,
  2. Contribute land as part of a development using the value of the land as the contribution to support the purchase by the eligible home buyer.