A better way to buy.

A new way for individuals and families to get into a new home, sooner.

Closing the gap on housing affordability.

More options to enter the market.

Making home ownership a reality.


Helping Australians into their own home, sooner.

BuyAssist is making home ownership a reality, providing real options to thousands of potential home buyers Australia-wide. With 700,000+ more Australians renting now than there were 20 years ago, we are bridging the gap — making home ownership more affordable and attainable.

We want to help Australians achieve their housing goals in a socially responsible way.

Our team of experienced finance and real estate experts provide access to independent advice — we are open, honest, and consistent as we help people on their home ownership journey. By working with our trusted partners, we reduce both the upfront and ongoing financial burden for eligible buyers, helping them get into their own home sooner.

BuyAssist is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Affordable Housing Consortium (NAHC). The NAHC believes that smart investment in social and affordable housing creates greater balance in the housing market as we strive to develop sustainable, connected and prosperous communities. Find out more at the NAHC Website.

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